Handshake | The Best Way to buildup Rapport in body language

The Best Way to buildup Rapport in body language


Rapport constitute the key for communicating with people in “ body language “ , and must be given an attention, and finding out many ways to grow it up.

One of the most attractive manner to achieve that in “ body language “ is “Handshake”, which is in turn subjected to certain protocol.

1-      For example in “Handshake” you should fix your hand vertically against the another person so you’ll receive (her/his) hand freely and comfortably.

2-     Also don’t forget in “Handshake” to  press on the hand at the same power you receive, if (he/she) presses more, automatically actuate the strength of your hand to upper level, and vice versa.

3-     It’s not only that; in some cases you might be in a position to meet groups, so to perform a complete “Handshake” that lead to rapport, you are asked to read for instance the situation of each member of group you meet.

 some people say hello but they don’t use “Handshake”:


they just stand vertically and greet you by moving their head down, I think  you may feel cool toward them even this movement enhance rapport somewhat , but it is not public as “Handshake”.

In  “body language ” “Handshake” may reveal the personality:

if you do that calmly and quietly it refers to gently and cultured environment living, but when you do this hardly with high power, it may denotes to hard living environment and even to a person performing  hard muscular job.

But above of all that we shouldn’t forget that, “Handshake” is the introduction to say hello, hi or goodbye and even it is the gesture to approve making deal, buying, or selling.    

By : Tamim Tamerynd

Lena Mayhoub